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Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games. In most parts of Europe the roulette table is where most of the action is followed by the blackjack table. At many casino theme nights in the United Kingdom all they have is a roulette table. That’s the popularity of roulette in Europe.

Online, there have been many attempts to spice up the game. There are now casinos which offer fancy graphics, 3 wheel roulette and some offer live roulette to name just a few variations.

All electronic roulette games are based on computer random number generators and to an extent, unless you are changing the odds of the game, like in mini-roulette, all roulette games online are the same. They are just skinned differently. 3d roulette is the same game as ordinary classic roulette which is the same as fancy 2d graphics roulette. Same game, just skinned differently.

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One of the innovations is pinball roulette. At first glance, pinball roulette may seem like normal roulette and in some ways it is. You pick your numbers in exactly the same way as on a normal roulette table. The wheel has been replaced with a pinball table though. This is just a novelty as the random number generator behind the game is just the same. There are still 37 numbers where the ball can land and the odds are the same. Even money bets still pay even money and single number bets still pay 35/1.

The thing that makes pinball roulette different to the other roulette tables is that after a win, you have the chance to gamble. In the bonus game, you can win up to 10 times your winnings by risking it all on a pinball-like game. I say pinball-like because you can’t actually change the outcome unlike on a real pinball game.

This extra twist makes pinball roulette a nice change from the ordinary roulette games that most casinos offer. Of course, you can just not gamble at the end and it will be just like any normal roulette game. Please do not confuse this game with Pin Ball at Ladbrokes Games. See the page about Ladbrokes Pin Ball.

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